About us

With the increasing consumption of saffron in Australia, Royal Saffron intends to offer a wide range of saffron products and derivatives in different packages and with different applications in the near future. Our online store aims to innovate and drive changes in the field of saffron professional sales with the aid of our extensive relationships with top quality producers of Saffron in Iran. We solely cooperate with the largest top level processing and packaging units. Therefore we can assure that Royal Saffron’s products have high quality levels in color, taste, smell and packaging. The products offered at our online store have been categorized based on the needs and tastes of most Australian consumers. While we pride ourselves in communicating directly and without intermediaries with renowned saffron producers in Iran, we aim to provide the maximum possible interaction with customers at different stages of sales as well as after-sales service. We always consider customer satisfaction as a basic principle by guaranteeing the highest level of quality and price.

Our quality

Royal Saffron’s quality control is accompanied by the approval of top European and American laboratories at different stages of planting, harvesting and processing. Our packaging, storage and distribution processes are also supervised accurately. Achieving maximum consumer satisfaction in Australia in all the above stages is our uppermost priority as a Saffron sales platform.