Royal Saffron

A versatile herb with aesthetically pleasant and invigorating flavor, along with miraculous medicinal properties.
Our Saffron will not only add delicious flavors to your culinary creations, but will also improve your overall well-being.
Our deep red Super Negin threads are the most potent and rarest trim of Saffron, delicately harvested by hand at first light from the farms in Khorasan province of Persia.

Premium Persian Super Negin

Royal Saffron


Our Super Negin Saffron is offered to you dear ones in 1 and 2 gram bottles. With this specific type of packaging, you can meet your body’s needs for a few days. This bottle packaging is also air-tight and impermeable to water which helps keep your saffron fresh.

According to various studies, only 30 mg of saffron can provide you of many medicinal properties needed by the body in its unique ingredients. This consumption can be in cooking food, saffron tea, beverages or various other uses.